Our Story

The Memory Project’s unique multimedia exhibit shows a Holocaust survivor’s riveting story of the brother she lost, coupled with images of her daughter painting portraits of that boy. Enriching public program and educational materials are available.

For Educators

Educator’s Guide introduces the story of Kalman and provides students with a historical perspective of the Holocaust. Then, it enables them – as artists, storytellers and creators – to connect to their own family histories of memory, of loss and of the power of the creative process.

View and Make Portraits

Bring the Memory Project to your class, home or family. Workshops provide hands-on experiences that are transformational for teachers while giving them the skills and confidence to teach The Memory Project integrated art/history program in 1 to 3 class sessions.

What’s New

  • Reflections: 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Majdanek Concentration Camp

    70 years ago today, on July 23,, 1944 Soviet troops liberated the death camp Majdanek. Ten months earlier, on September 17, 1943 Roz Jacobs’ grandfather, Ephraim Sznaiderman was murdered there. We don’t have a photograph of him, but at least we have the date of his death and can light…
  • Yehuda Dubner

    We recently received a remarkable phone call that moved us to tears. The relative of one of our subjects, Israel Dubner, found our website through a periodic search she does for family members online. She told us first that she was thrilled to discover our site and that her relative…
  • The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

    While we missed being at the festival this year after attending and doing workshops for the past three years, we congratulate our partners in Krakow -The Galicia Jewish Museum for the wonderful work they do (and their tenth anniversary!), and for continuing to manage The Memory Project exhibits and programs…