We recently received a remarkable phone call that moved us to tears. The relative of one of our subjects, Israel Dubner, found our website through a periodic search she does for family members online. She told us first that she was thrilled to discover our site and that her relative was being remembered. However, we found out we had misidentified Israel for his brother, Yehuda. Yehuda was the older brother of Israel and tragically did not survive the war. The original photo we were working from pictured both of the boys, Israel was just a baby, and his brother a few years older. All along, students have been drawing Yehuda, and learning Israel’s story alongside it. You can now read Yehuda’s story here and view portraits of him here.

It was incredible to hear from the family member of one of the many subjects we work hard to keep alive through memory and art. We hope to have more relatives and friends find their loved ones through The Memory Project and reach out to us with more stories like this.


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