Whitesville, New York

December 6, 2016
Student teacher Danielle Heyder with her lead teacher Chris Brown at Whitesville Central School ran a Memory Project Workshop for their students in December, 2016. Whitesville is a small, rural town in Upstate New York. We spoke to Danielle about her experience and we were thrilled to hear how she and the students felt about the program. She said, “It was like having a visiting artist in the classroom; we did each process along with the video and it worked great.” We asked her what the highlight of the workshop was for her and she said, “the smiles on their faces were the best things when they turned it upside down and saw what they did…I think they’re more aware in general of people and the bigger world out there, which is something I really wanted to show them.”


The students also wrote great reflections on their experience:
It was really neat to observe and then make a drawing based on that observation. I had fun with this project and I love the way it turned out.” Serena
I think it is very important because you get a better understanding of their past and history.” Rachel
It helped me understand more about people in the Holocaust.” Justin
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