The Tranzit Art Cafe in Budapest, Hungary has hosted multiple Memory Project workshops featuring Hungarian portrait subjects. These workshops were run by the Zachor Foundation. Below are photos from a workshop in 2015 and student reflections from the workshops. You can also see amazing portraits created at a workshop for art students in September 2016 and view photos from that workshop.


Student Reflections

“I liked that while doing this task, we had time to think only about the person we were drawing.”

“It is a really good way to teach about history, especially a very difficult topic like the Holocaust. The students can learn about it more easily.”

“There was a good atmosphere during the workshop.”

“It took all my concentration to try to observe the world from a different perspective.”

“It was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had.”

“I was sad that I couldn’t create a portrait as good as the person deserved.”

Tranzit Art Cafe Workshop 2015

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