Never Again —Again

When World War II ended and the atrocities that occurred under the Nazi regime became widely known, the world vowed, ‘Never Again.” Tragically, atrocities and genocides continue today.

These lessons focus on the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, which began April 7, 1994. In 100 days, more than 850,000 people were brutally murdered. By approaching this difficult historical event through personal stories and art, we help students:

  • Examine how personal stories help us understand history in deeper ways.
  • Understand the impact of scapegoating and dehumanization on individuals as well as societies.
  • Draw strength and wisdom from the resilience of people who have experienced trauma.
  • Reflect on the ways art helps us connect and communicate.

You will use a 10-minute video incorporating survivor testimony and art along with reproducibles to provide historical information and explore those concepts.




Six survivors share their stories




Grades: 9-12

Time: Two 45-minute lessons

Subjects: History, Language Arts, Art, Media Literacy, Genocide

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)*: Social awareness, Relationship skills

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