Jack Jacobs, was born Jakub Jakubowicz to Shmul and Nacha Jakubowicz in1921,in Wieluń, Poland. He was the oldest of five children. He had a sister, Rivkeh and three brothers: Henry, Morris and Itzik. This photograph was taken in 1942, several months after Nacha, Rivkeh and Itzik had been gassed to death in the back of a Nazi truck.

Morris explained why they took the picture. “The Germans had taken away most of the Wieloner Jews including part of our family. There was slim chance that one of us might survive and we wanted to have something to show people who we were and what happened to us.”

Remembering my dear family on Yom Hashoah and always.
(from left to right, my father Jack, my uncle Morris, my grandfather Shmul and my uncle Henry. All very special people!)

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