Françoise Muteteli

April’s Portrait of the Month features a subject that is new to our project. Françoise Muteteli is a survivor of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Françoise was in her twenties when the genocide began. In a matter of moments, she lost her entire family, and narrowly escaped with a bullet in her back. For six weeks she hid in an oven dug out of the earth, surviving on eggs and sour milk that was snuck to her by a sympathetic Hutu neighbor. 

This portrait, created by Memory Project founder Roz Jacobs, is part of the new exhibit we have been working hard to bring you. We are looking forward to showing you the rest of this new exhibit very soon. Françoise’s story, like the stories of most Tutsi survivors, is a haunting reminder that the world cannot sit idle, and that “never again” is not guaranteed unless we all work towards that goal together.

You can view Françoise’s full testimony on the USC Shoah Foundation IWitness platform (you will need to create a login).


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Portrait of Francoise Muteteli