Wlodzimierz Daniluk

This striking portrait of Wlodzimierz Daniluk was created by a 7th grade student at Calkins Road Middle School. Teacher Stephanie Warchol, who has used this lesson in her class before (with fantastic results), was able to fit in a couple of portrait drawing sessions with her students just as the school year came to a close. 
Stephanie said in an Instagram post of the students’ work, “During our last week together, the 7th graders are working on The Memory Project. Charcoal and chalk pastel portraits of men, women, and children who experienced the Holocaust. Yes, you see that correctly, they are drawing them upside down! This allows them to focus on the change of value and not so much on the facial features.”
We also want to honor the memory of Wlodzimierz and his family. During the war, they hid Jewish people in their home at great risk to their own lives. They survived the war, but during a celebration shortly after the war ended, many family members, including Wlodzimierz and his daughter, were killed by Polish Nationalists for providing shelter to Jews. 


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