The Memory Project Productions grew out of the vision of painter Roz Jacobs, the daughter of two Holocaust survivors and the experience of educator Laurie Weisman.

In the early 2000s Jacobs was toying with the idea of creating an exhibit that would provide viewers with an intimate view of a painter’s experience as a painting develops.

She finally tackled the project using a photograph (pictured below) of her uncle Kalman as a subject. Kalman was her mother’s younger brother. Like the rest of the family, Kalman was murdered during the Holocaust. But Jacobs’ mom had told many stories about him and Jacobs was always curious about him. After working for weeks on multiple portraits of Kalman based on a single photograph, she was startled by a moment when she suddenly felt the boy standing in the photographer’s studio looking up at the camera. Instead of the awful knowledge of his death that had haunted her life, she had a beautiful feeling of his life force.

mission statement image Dec 2015

This moment changed the course of Jacobs’ life. She spent the next decade creating The Memory Project with partner Laurie Weisman in order to share this life-affirming experience of connecting with the past.

Today, the internationally recognized Memory Project brings people inside the creative process while addressing themes of loss, love and resilience.

Our Mission