The mission of The Memory Project Productions is to promote social justice
through art and remembrance.

Core Beliefs
  • As descendants of Holocaust survivors we have a particular responsibility to fight intolerance and promote understanding.
    Sharing stories through creativity makes tangible connections to the past and emotional bonds between people in the present.
    Experiencing art provides opportunities to see and connect with the world more fully.
    The Memory Project is a platform for investigating the past, connecting it with the present and sharing what we learn across generations and cultures.

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Roz mother’s voice humanizes an aspect of the Holocaust that is infrequently visited: the simple humility of the Jewish people, the kindness and tenderness of Jewish family life, the redemption from the savage brutality that the Holocaust represents. I left with the feeling that this kind of brutalization must never happen again, and that I must do better to raise my voice against it right now, as it is happening someplace, on some level, in this world. I was inspired.
James McBride, Author, The Good Lord Bird, The Color of WaterAuthorThe Color of Water