Joseph Gani

This month we are featuring a beautiful portrait of Joseph Gani. It was created by Silvia A. at a workshop for teachers at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The teachers were enthusiastic and inspired by the work that they created and the stories they learned. Silvia reflected on Joseph’s story and her experience drawing his portrait:

How did it feel to spend so much time observing a photograph and then making art based on the photo?

At the beginning I thought that this is going to be something hard to do but once I started working it was easy.

Write a caption for the portrait that you made. It can say something about the person or something about your feelings making the portrait.

I feel that he was a strong and smart person. He didn’t give up so easily.

What did you like and dislike about the art experience?

This is a new experience and I enjoyed doing it. I would like to do it again.

What do you think you will remember about this experience? Why?

I will remember his eyes. He has a deep intensity to look at life.

October 2019 POTM Joesph Gani




About the subject

Joseph Gani grew up in the small village of Preveza, Greece where Jews had lived for over a thousand years. When he was a teenager however, all the Jewish people in his area were rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. Joseph was young and strong, and was given a terrible job in the Sonderkommando, bringing corpses of his fellow Jews from the gas chambers to the crematorium. He and other members of his unit revolted, and he was killed in the struggle, standing up to the Nazis. Remember and honor Joseph by viewing more portraits of him.


This portrait was created at a workshop for teachers at the Museum of Jewish Heritage

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