Moishe Felman

Harold J. created this striking portrait of Moishe Felman at a community workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library. Local students also participated in workshops at the library, and when the groups completed their portraits, they presented their work to each other at a self-curated exhibit. Coincidentally, Harold was paired up with a student from the same school he had attended as a child. The two had a great connection — another way relationships and empathy are built through our programs. You can see Harold and some of the kids in this short video The Magic of the Memory Project.


Moishe Felman was not much older than the fifth grade students at these workshops when his hometown was invaded and taken over by Nazis and his tragically short life changed forever. By drawing his portrait and learning about him, students carry on his memory and work towards creating a world free of the hatred that cut his life short.


Portrait of Moishe Felman


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