Biecz, Poland

September 16 – December 16, 2016

A Memory Project workshop and exhibit was held at the Municipal Library in Biecz, Poland. A trio of violinists played at the opening, while workshop participants of every age came together to learn about people who were affected by the Holocaust: those who were killed, those who survived, and those who acted as rescuers.  It is always meaningful when The Memory Project is exhibited in Poland, which is the birthplace of many of the people we feature as our portrait subjects. This workshop was especially significant because it brought together multiple generations to draw portraits side by side. Creating community among different groups of people through a shared meaningful experience is an important piece of what we strive to do. Connecting people across generations helps pass the torch of keeping memories alive, creating empathy, and building communities. 

Click here to view more beautiful photos from the opening event. Special thanks to the Galicia Jewish Museum, our partner in Poland who organized this exhibit and workshop as part of a project called On the Trail of Jewish Heritage. An article about the exhibit and workshop was written for the Biecz community website, click below to read:

English translation:

“Memory Project” – Biecz Community Web Portal

Original article in Polish:

“Projekt pamięć” – Gmina Biecz Samorzadowy Portal Internetowy


Participants draw portraits at a Memory Project workshop in Biecz, Poland

A student draws a portrait of Benjamin Cukierman

Portraits created in Biecz