On Oct. 11 the Memory Project had a fantastic opening at the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg. The exhibit space was packed with more than 60 people who were riveted by the multimedia display showing nine paintings of Kalman, a Jewish boy lost in the Holocaust next to nine monitors showing those paintings being made. After the exhibit, they saw the documentary “Finding Kalman.” There was an emotional discussion about loss, memory, and the importance of community. The afternoon before the opening, a group of high school students from the Pinella County Arts Center visited the museum. They’ll be performing “Cabaret,” and their teacher wanted them to have more background about the Holocaust. We gave an impromptu talk that they loved as much as we did.

Other highlights of the week were the Memory Project art workshops. One was for the wonderful museum docents and another for an extraordinary group of students from Bayshore Christian School. It feels great to fulfill Roz Jacobs’  father’s wishes to “teach the young people.

Roz explains Memory Project exhibit to students

Memory Project exhibit creator Roz Jacobs talks to students from Bayshore Christian School.

Thank you to the Florida Holocaust Museum for hosting a great event, and to the St. Petersburg community for all the support. And special thanks to Mike Polder at Alcorn McBride for great customer service that helped us resolve some last-minute technical problems. And we must mention Kilwin’s, my favorite stop in St. Pete for homemade ice cream and candy that they make as you’re watching.

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