Elly Berkovitz

This month we’re featuring a portrait of Elly Berkovitz,  who was a child when World War II broke out. It was created by a student studying Religion and the Holocaust at Manhattan College. In addition to creating portraits of people who experienced the Holocaust, the students interviewed family members and drew portraits of them. They then created an exhibit integrating the Holocaust stories with their personal stories.  

Read more about the workshop and see the students’ exhibit.

Avianna P. created this portrait to honor Elly. She reflected on her experience:

What was interesting or surprising in what you experienced today?

Everyone’s drawing told a story in their own unique way.

What touched your hearts the most?

Listening to what people had gone through.

What do you think you will remember?

I will remember that everyone has their own life-changing story that should be shared.

What has this contributed to your understanding of the Holocaust?

My understanding of the Holocaust has broadened in a way that could not have been done by reading a textbook.

What has this experience contributed to your thoughts about your place in history?

My place in history will hopefully be remembered through my future children and grandchildren telling my story.



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