Benjamin Cukierman

This month we’re featuring a beautiful portrait of Benjamin Cukierman, which was created at Westmoreland High School in upstate New York. Teacher Caitlyn Notaro led her students in the workshop. Caitlyn first encountered The Memory Project Productions Face to Face program at our presentation at the New York State Art Teachers Association conference in 2017.  We were thrilled when she reached out to us with photos from the workshop she held for her students this year. It’s exciting when seeds you plant continue to grow years later–and we don’t always know when it happens. We love it when people tell us and we can share their work.

Every year an eighth grade history teacher at Westmoreland works with students to create a Holocaust Museum in the school. This year, the portraits by Caitlin’s students  were featured in the museum. Click here to read more about the workshop and see pictures of the museum.


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