Holocaust survivor Anna Jacobs will be 90 years old on November 11th. In honor of her upcoming birthday we conducted this 3-minute “Inside the Yiddish Actors Studio” interview. Enjoy her warmth and wicked sense of humor as she discusses her starring role in the award-winning documentary “Finding Kalman” and Memory Project exhibits. Then consider making a donation so her story will be remembered.

2 Responses to “Holocaust survivor’s 90th birthday interview”

  1. Nancy Jacobs

    Dear Tante,
    I wish you a very happy and healthy 90th birthday! I’ve been truly blessed to have you as my “second mother” and all who know you have had their lives enriched by you. You continue to touch people with your wisdom, wit, warmth and your vivid memories. May you have many more years of good health and much joy!
    All my love,


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