Students will meet Holocaust survivor Anna Jacobs and her brother Kalman, two teenagers who tried to escape starvation in the Warsaw ghetto. They will learn about the Holocaust through the lens of one family and make connections to their own lives.

There are several pathways through this material. You can choose based on your curriculum goals, time, and available resources (e.g. whether or not art supplies are available). Options include:

  • Make portraits of Holocaust survivors, victims and rescuers; then learn and share their stories.
  • Conduct interviews of family or community members. Students may make their portraits as well or share their stories in other ways. See FAMILY HISTORY activity.
  • View and discuss the award-winning 30-minute film Finding Kalman.
  • Read and discuss the book Finding Kalman: A Boy in Six Million.
    • You could develop multiple extension activities for the book and film, including having students create their own videos, books or exhibits

You'll find all of these options in the free Curriculum Kit


The Memory Project

Suggested dates to use the program:



Grades: 6-12

Time: From 45 minutes to multiple class periods

Subjects:  History, Language Arts,  Art, Media Literacy, Holocaust

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)*: Social awareness,  Relationship skills

*More on Social and Emotional Learning

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    Ambassador Program

    Create a Portrait. Create Community.

    Become a Face-to-Face Ambassador! As an Ambassador, you will be part of a global community working together to cultivate creativity, connection, and compassion. To become an Ambassador, all you need to do is hold a Face-to-Face workshop and send in photos of the portraits created by the students along with one or more photos of the workshop itself.