Jakob Frenkiel

This month’s Portrait of the Month features Jakob Frenkiel. It was created in December 2018 at a workshop at the Facing History School in New York. The public school’s mission is centered around four themes: “Identity, Caring and Responsibility, Decision-making, and Choosing to Participate” which aligns well with our own goals as an organization. We truly enjoyed the experience, the students were enthusiastic and fun to work with. They all sent us thank you notes after the workshop. Here are some of their kind words about their experience:
“It really helped me understand how such a bad and horrifying thing can turn into such a beautiful art piece with so many meanings behind it.”
Arianna P.
“I’m grateful to know about your family story.”
Janiah B.
You taught me the importance of remembering people through using art. I learned the beauty of honoring people using the unique kind of art you taught us.”
Nafisa H.
“The students were ecstatic to have the opportunity to connect to the curriculum through the creative process. Our students need to be exposed to new methods in the classroom to tap into the historical content and learning to empathize and your project did just this for the students.”
Elizabeth Pino (Teacher)
Thank you to the wonderful teacher, Elizabeth Pino, for inviting us to work with her class.



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