Dachau Prisoner

Fatimata, who created this portrait, is a 5th grade student at PS3 in Brooklyn. With a few strong strokes of black and white she caught a solemn gesture of the head tilting; the plane of light on the nose sitting solidly on the shadowy cheek.

How did it feel to spend so much time observing a photograph and then making art based on the photo?

It felt amazing to be able to experience what was going on during the Holocaust. I was really sad that families couldn’t find their members.

Write a caption for the portrait you made. It can say something about the person or something about your feelings making the portrait.

My portrait was about a man that has survived during the Holocaust. In the article it mentions that the author wasn’t able to figure out his name.

What did you like and dislike about the art experience?

I loved everything. It was very, very sad. I had no dislikes.

What do you think you will remember about this experience? Why?

How hard it was to go through the Holocaust.




Unknown Prisoner at Dachau Portrait of the Month

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