As 2013 winds down, we’re looking back at our year. Just as years cycle through and ends turn to beginnings, we see that life does, too. It’s remarkable to think of what can come from the ashes, and we see it happen so poignantly with the Memory Project being embraced throughout Poland, and especially in Włocławek, Anna Jacobs’ hometown.

When we see photos of the students who participated in the art workshop, it’s hard to comprehend that Anna was younger than they are, just barely out of childhood, when she and Kalman left the town forever. Almost 75 years ago life as they knew it ended, and now, 75 years in the future, their lives are being re-discovered and Kalman’s life revived in the same place they began. We hope to continue reaching new audiences throughout the world in the years to come, and are grateful for all the support and feedback we’ve had so far.

Thank you to the Galicia Jewish Museum for a successful first year in Poland and to Virtual Shtetl for the excellent write-up of the Włocławek exhibit and workshop here…

Thanks also to the generous funders who make this work possible, including the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, Jim and Teri Babcock, the Stefany & Simon Bergson Foundation and the many, many supporters of The Memory Project Productions. This year, we plan to continue the work in Poland, launch the project in Hungary and bring it to communities in Florida, and the tri-state area. Our supporters make it possible. Thank you.

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