Memory Project: What do you think about having students learning your story and making portraits of you as a young boy? What does it make you feel to see these portraits? László Kiss: It was very moving and surprising for me to learn that hundreds of young people work with my portrait as a little… Read more »

  “I learned that pain and joy can be enriching when combined together. You cannot have one without the other.” – Audience member, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY   On November 10th we screened “Finding Kalman” as part of Monroe Community College’s 25th Annual Kristallnacht Memorial Program. It was part of an entire day of… Read more »

Thanks to our wonderful high school intern, Natalie Arbogast. How much can one person accomplish in three weeks? A lot, apparently. Read about it in this feature article about her. (Click on READ MORE to get link.) “Good Morning Wilton” article