We were honored to participate in two events for International Holocaust Remembrance day this year. The first one, organized by Kayleen Asbo, was “We Remember” a memorial in poetry and music created by 19 performers. We were joined by artists, musicians, poets, and scholars who memorialized Holocaust victims through art. You can view a… Read more »

A number of people have responded to our survey about “The Tomato Story.” This is helping us plan what to include in the exhibit that will go with these first-person videos.  We want to briefly answer some of the questions people had. We’ll go into more depth with the official release of the video and… Read more »

March is Women’s History Month. I’d like to spotlight three courageous women whose stories we share with students: Stefania Podgorska, Dora Rivkina and Edit Schechter. No matter how many times I read their stories, I am inspired by the actions they took to save people. What each of them did was against the law. Their… Read more »