Brooklyn, New York

January 16-January 31, 2015

The Central Library at Grand Army Plaza presents Memory Project community workshops on Fridays and Saturdays running from January 16th to January 31st. The Friday sessions are attended by 5th grade students from PS3 and the Saturday sessions are for people of all ages who want to participate in a Memory Project workshop. The workshops are about history and art, and about the art of seeing and sharing our history. Students and teachers have had wonderful things to say about their experiences in the workshops so far:

It felt like I was paying tribute. When I was drawing it felt like I was writing history.” Makayla F

Me and this person have a great connection because while I was drawing it was like she was guiding me.” Kedrin C

It felt…AMAZING!! Even though my portrait was [Elly] as a young girl, when I made the art it felt as if she were older and here.” Alana D

(Students from PS3)

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Students at the Brooklyn Public Library workshop
Students at the Brooklyn Public Library workshop