Elly Berkovitz

This beautiful portrait of Holocaust survivor Elly Berkovitz was created by Avianna P. We love the soft texture of her hair and her dress, the way her head emerges from the darkness and the light in her eyes. Avianna drew this as part of her class, “Religion and the Holocaust” at Manhattan College. During the three-hour workshop, the class drew portraits of Memory Project subjects as well as their own family members whom they had interviewed. It was a powerful link between past and present. After reading Avianna’s reflections, you might want compare this to the other portraits of Elly to see how different they all are.

What was interesting or surprising in what you experienced today?

Everyone’s drawing told a story in their own unique way.

What do you think you will remember?

I will remember that everyone has their own life-changing story that should be shared.

What has this contributed to your understanding of the Holocaust?

My understanding of the Holocaust has broadened in a way that could not have been done by reading a textbook.

—Avianna P.





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