Éva Székely

This month’s Portrait of the Month honors Éva Székely, who turned 89 this year on April 3rd. Éva is an Olympic-medal winning swimmer, and has spent much of her career training young talent.

This portrait was created at a workshop at the Hungarian Jewish Archives in Budapest, Hungary, in conjunction with the Zachor Foundation. At this workshop, we introduced several new portrait subjects of Hungarian origin as a means of connecting the participants with the subjects more deeply.

The student who created the portrait wrote:

“It was a strange feeling that with the help of the photo I tried to make personal contact with somebody who I don’t know and I haven’t even met before. I will remember what the story of the woman I made a portrait was about.”

2015-11-20-00-37-31-10-Éva Székely Zachor 3rd Gen


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