It’s back to school time and we’re reminiscing about a fantastic series of workshops we held earlier this year at Boca Raton High School, Wellington High School, Loggers’ Run Middle School, and Lantana Middle School. This was our second successful trip to the Palm Beach County school system thanks to the sponsorship by inSIGHT Through… Read more »

It’s Throwback Thursday and we went through some photos from a fantastic workshop last year in Poland. Teacher Barbara Bierówka taught a Memory Project workshop to her high school students at the 13th High School in Kraków in January 2014. The students read about the subjects they would be drawing, then presented about them along… Read more »

August 2nd is the Day of Remembrance of the Extermination of the Roma and Sinti. This day marks the anniversary of the liquidation of the Zigeunerfamilienlager (“Gypsy Family Camp”) of Auschwitz II-Birkenau, during which almost 3,000 Roma children and adults were killed in gas chambers. Sinti and Roma were targeted by the Nazis because they… Read more »