As 2013 winds down, we’re looking back at our year. Just as years cycle through and ends turn to beginnings, we see that life does, too. It’s remarkable to think of what can come from the ashes, and we see it happen so poignantly with the Memory Project being embraced throughout Poland, and especially in Włocławek, Anna Jacobs’ hometown. When… Read more »

Thank you to the Drugoklasista (Sophomore) Blog for posting about your experience at The Memory Project exhibit. We love to hear feedback from visitors and workshop participants around the world and are happy to be touching individual lives. (English-speaking readers can use a translation widget to read the post): Drugoklasista – The Story of Kalman

The Memory Project workshop in Włocławek was a noteworthy success – reaching young people in a town where Anna spent her own youth. Students made an impressive and very moving group of portraits that were displayed in the school during the month-long event. Please visit our Włocławek Community Page to browse the beautiful artwork they created,… Read more »